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Holiday Guide 2012

Christmas time is fast-approaching! Are your kids as excited as mine are? The Holidays can be a warm, beautiful, hectic, messy, loving, amazing, and simply wonderful time, depending on how you handle them. In this blog are a few different tricks and tips to help you, the SL parent, make it through the season without selling the kids to the circus!

1. Schedule your holidays! I know it sounds strange, but yeah, it works. Schedule your holidays in advance (including holiday prep like picking out the tree and decorating the house if you choose to RP that), so that everyone knows when your family is going to do the big celebration. Though, I wouldn’t recommend scheduling your holiday on the actual day of whichever holiday you’re celebrating. (This blog focuses on Christmas mainly, since that’s the one that’s coming up!) For instance, if you schedule your Christmas celebration on December 25th, you’re probably going to lose your virtual family to their non-pixel family, just because it’s the day. Scheduling either a few days ahead or after the actual day will ultimately work well in your favor.

2. Decorations don’t have to be killer expensive! Really, I mean it! Don’t believe me? Check the marketplace! Stores like What Next, Lisp, and Trompe Loeil, all have decorations (even some mesh) for under or around 200L! Still don’t believe me? Have a look or yourself! And there are so many more, these are just some of my personal favorites or making my home and underneath the tree look pretty for the holidays. Sadly, I haven’t seen any to-die-for mesh Christmas trees just yet, but I’ll keep looking! And I’ll keep everyone up to date on what I find!

3. Do your shopping ahead of time. This one should come as a “duh” for a lot of parents out there, but it’s really important that you get things done ahead of time. And if you’re having trouble thinking of things that your kids might want, have them write a Christmas list and/or a letter to Santa Claus! And then yo and Santa have a little convo, and decide if your kids have been good enough for their favorite Christmas list items.

4. Double-box your gifts! Guys, I’m not sure I can stress this enough. DOUBLE. BOX. ALL THE THINGS! Oivey! So, if you don’t know this by now, when right-clicking on a prim in Second Life, you are able to quickly look into the contents of that prim and see what they are. How does this translate to gift-wrapping? Well, say you have a couple of nosy little snoopers who just cannot wait to see what Santa brought them for Christmas. Now, if you’re like me, you like to have your gifts under the tree a couple of days before, just to have them out of your inventory and to make the space around your tree look pretty. Now, that’s all fine and dandy until you get those little snoopers of yours poking around the boxes that they think are theirs, and peeking into the contents, totally ruining any surprises that mommy and/or daddy had for Christmas morning! No fun! So yes, when boxing your Christmas gifts, don’t be stingy with the boxes. Place the box containing the actual present inside of a new box, and set it down beneath the tree for pretty box decor that does not wreck the surprise!

I hope these tips help make your holidays run a little bit smoother. If you have any tips you’d like to share or any questions you’d like to ask, feel free to submit them on my Ask Me page! My inbox is always open. ❤

Happy Holidays from the Republic Family to yours!